Biological and Mitigation Services


Biological monitoring

Navigator staff have decades of experience sampling streams for fish and benthic macroinvertebrates for monitoring associated with pre- and post-impact analyses as well as research to determine potential effects of projects on aquatic communities.  Navigator staff annually completes hundreds of biological monitoring assessments related to mining and commercial development and understands current federal and state requirements for existing permits including complicated aquatic biomonitoring for NPDES permits.

US EPA, US Army Corps of Engineers permitting and reporting

We have built a foundation of respect and trust with USACE project managers.  Specific areas of our expertise include securing mining permits under the Clean Water Act and analyzing existing permit requirements to determine what mitigation obligations exist for permit holders and how best to address these obligations to the satisfaction of federal and state agencies.  Mitigation obligations tied to mining permits can lead to costly litigation and fines from federal and state agencies if obligations are not successfully completed.

Mitigation design and monitoring

Navigator is current with latest federal and state regulations pertaining to mitigation compliance.  We have Rosgen trained staff with extensive experience in stream and wetland design as well as stream construction projects.   Our staff can offer turnkey packages for all phases of mitigation permitting, design, construction, and monitoring. 

Jurisdictional Determinations

Navigator staff has over 10 years of experience with stream and wetland delineations for regulatory agencies.  We have delineated over 1 million feet of stream channels and nearly 1,000 wetlands for regulatory compliance.