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Owning and operating a high hazard class coal refuse impoundment carries many requirements and responsibilities.  Understanding of regulatory requirements, design strategies, operations, and construction practices are all important facets of owning and operating such a facility.  This is magnified when multiple facilities are owned and operated.  Navigator staff has the experience to be an invaluable resource to the impoundment owner.

Navigator staff has experience managing a portfolio of over 40 MSHA High Hazard Class Impoundments.  We developed a risk assessment and management tool by adopting certain techniques used by the US Army Corps of Engineers, FEMA, and other agencies, as well as new criteria more applicable to coal refuse disposal facilities.  We also tracked refuse production rates, remaining capacities, facility life, and future design and permitting needs.  This made it possible for the company to understand the criticality of plan approvals and make informed decisions with regulators on prioritizing plan reviews.

Our staff understands the regulatory requirements associated with these facilities and has successfully interfaced and developed relationships with regulators.  When several facilities were questioned about material placement and compaction testing, we worked with other industry experts to lead a detailed investigation into placement and compaction testing methods, developed and implemented geotechnical exploration and testing plans, and responded to regulatory agency concerns.



Navigator staff has experience with planning, designing, constructing, and operating industry-first water treatment technologies.  We have managed design and construction on 3 separate industry first water treatment facilities that were required under a settlement agreement.  The three facilities were constructed simultaneously. They were all completed ahead of schedule and significantly under budget.  Our diverse experience enabled us to not only manage construction, but also interface with state regulators during the permitting process.  After completing construction, we negotiated operating contracts and managed operations on behalf of the company.  After the required water data was collected, we successfully terminated the settlement agreement in 2015.

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While advanced water treatment may sometimes be the only solution, it can be a very costly one.  Our experience has enabled us to develop innovative industry leading water management strategies that have greatly reduced and even eliminated the need for advanced water treatment systems.  At a facility in Pennsylvania we developed an industry leading water management plan, worked with regulators to permit the plan, and developed detailed designs and costs.  The plan is currently under construction for a budget that is about 10% of the original cost estimates for an advanced water treatment solution.  Only Navigator - with our unique blend of engineering and permitting experience, and regulatory relationships – could provide such a winning solution.



At Navigator, we are accustomed to managing the unusual and unique.  Occasionally projects come up that are unique or well outside the norm for many industries.  We have extensive experience in developing, implementing and managing projects that are outside the norm.   These include unique projects like stepping in to fix a failed construction effort or develop and implement a new treatment technology.  Navigator brings industry experience and knowhow to be your owner’s engineer or construction manager for critical projects with sensitive deadlines and tight budgets.