Environmental Consulting Services


Navigator has extensive experience in all phases of design, construction and operation of selenium treatment system.  The staff of Navigator has managed and developed unique technologies for selenium compliance system.  The Navigator approach focuses on water management, strong alternatives analysis, and then aggressive treatment design.  We have successfully managed dozens of treatment solutions which has resulted in millions of dollars of cost savings.  Our systematic method of dealing with selenium, or any other “nontraditional” water treatment situations has proven successful across multiple states and circumstances.


Extractive industries and energy development start and end with permitting. The professionals at Navigator have decades of experience in permitting across various states under multiple regulatory programs.  The Navigator approach is one of creativity and innovation.  Many consultants can fill out and submit permit application forms, but with Navigator, you will benefit from our first-hand experience in dealing with a broad range of permitting issues.  Navigator brings a company-centric view on permitting that adds value and reduces cost.  Simply put, the professionals at Navigator have a proven track record of successfully permitting projects that others couldn’t and providing out of the box innovation that keeps projects on-time and under budget.


Property transactions can be complicated and have serious environmental-related consequences.  One way to protect parties in the transaction is to conduct an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Phase I.  This review follows ASTM guidance and is intended to identify Recognized Environmental Conditions as well as Historic Recognized Environmental Conditions that are applicable to specific tracts or parcels.  Navigator staff have experience in conducting all aspects of Phase I work and, if needed, can conduct Phase II investigations.  Navigator is a WV licensed contractor and can assist with removal and remediation of contaminated sites.


The staff at Navigator have years of experience in dealing with rehabilitation of distressed property and M&A activity on distressed property.  This includes successful acquisition of hundreds of mining permits that account for hundreds of millions of tons of coal production.  Many of these acquisitions came with substantial environmental and reclamation liabilities that required skillful remediation planning and execution.  Navigator facilitate deals and provides the creative solutions to complete deals where others can’t. 


Reclamation and long-term treatment bonding has become a critical part of the sustainability of operations.  Bonding companies must take a more active role in managing risk and assessing collateral needs.  The staff at Navigator has the experience and knowledge to assist in the relationship between surety companies and operators.  This can include on-the-ground risk assessment, risk reduction planning and plan execution monitoring.  In the unfortunate case of a bond forfeiture, Navigator offers turnkey service to represent the interests of the surety company in liability assessment, or project management should the surety step in place of the operator to complete the reclamation plan. 


Acquiring and operating sustainable facilities depends not only on asset quantification, but accurate liability assessment.  The staff at Navigator can assist with expert analysis and seasoned experience to quantify reclamation and long term environmental liability.  This is critical to many relevant stakeholder groups such as mine owners, creditors, bonding companies, land owners, or acquiring entities.  Our broad experience in liability assessment includes due diligence, Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO), innovative and cost reducing remediation plans, and negotiated settlements among a variety of stakeholders.


Navigator was founded and staffed with industry professionals that have become recognized as experts.  Often this expertise is needed to support complex and contentious situations that include complex litigation.